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Welcome to the Buggy Parts Northwest Information Center.

This website is a guide intended to give you more detailed information about the products that we sell at Buggy Parts Northwest and the vehicles they work with. While the primary focus is on mini-buggies, their engines, and the various available performance upgrade options, most of the information here is directly applicable to most brands and models of scooters, and some UTVs and quads. Basically, we’ll be talking about what does what, and how you can use those products to make your vehicle better!

Click on any of the article section links above to see the available articles for that topic or choose from one of the commonly referenced articles below. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.

Quicklinks to commonly read articles:
Where Should I Start? – An introduction to the different types of mods available.
Upgrades by Budget Level – Only have a certain amount to spend? Check out this guide for our recommendations!
Owner’s / Parts Manuals – A collection of buggy and scooter Owner’s, Parts, and Maintenance manuals.
How to Rejet a Carburetor – Upgrading your air/fuel system? Find out how to rejet your carburetor to re-balance your air/fuel ratio.
How to Install Dr Pulley Slider Weights – Find out the proper way to install the Dr Pulley Slider weights into your variator.

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