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Dr Pulley Slider Weight Installation

How to Install Dr Pulley Slider Weights


This guide will detail how to correctly install Dr Pulley Slider Weights used in many brands of mini-buggies and scooters. This guide applies to all Dr Pulley slider weights, regardless of size or vehicle model, and focuses specifically on emphasizing the correct weight orientation and installation.

This guide does not cover how to access, remove, or reinstall your variator after correct weight placement.

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Installing Dr Pulley Slider Weights

Step 1
Image 1: Dr Pulley Slider weights and closed variator
Step 2

1. Remove the Dr Pulley Slider weights from the package and place them in the orientation shown above. (Note: Some certain styles of Dr Pulley Slider Weights have different shapes than shown above and have a unique orientation inside the variator. Specific instructions will be included with your order for those particular styles.)

Step 3
Image 3: Variator top plate removed.

2. Remove the variator top plate and set aside.

Step 4
Image 4: Slider weight in correct orientation.

3. Hold the slider weight in the position shown, with the angled flat sides to the top, and the rounded side at the bottom. For this first weight, the slider weight size should be printed on the side facing you (the slider weight size is 23×18 in this photo).

Step 5
Image 5: Place slider weight in left side variator ramp.

4. Place the slider weight into the ramp on the left side of the variator as it lies on the work surface. The rounded sides of the weight go into the bottom of the ramp, The angled side should face up and out of the variator.

Image 6: Next weight installed.

5. Continue to insert the sliders into the variator, making sure to keep installing them in the correct orientation.

Image 9: New sliders installed.
Image 10: Reinstalling ramp plate.

6. Place the variator ramp plate back on the variator, matching the three plastic guides around the edge.

Image 11: Reassembled variator assembly with ramp plate.

7. Your slider installation is now complete.

Note: When installing the variator back into your vehicle, hold the variator and top ramp plate as one piece, replace the center dowel pin bushing, and put it all back on the drive shaft, pushing the entire assembly all the way to the back. Keep pressure on the variator and top plate at all times. If the top plate should open even a small amount, one or more of the slider weights could tip over out of position and performance will be negatively impacted.

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